Based in Harrogate, The Spiral Partnership Ltd was set up in 2003 to help individuals, communities, schools and other organisations understand how and why they think and act the way they do and to give these individuals, communities, schools and commercial organisations the skills and tools to think, act and achieve differently. 

The Spiral Partnership consultants and change makers provide a range of bespoke development and training programmes, consultancy, coaching, mentoring and keynote services.  We believe that effective, impactful and sustainable change occurs over time, with support and starts first between the ears before it can observed in practice with others. 

The Spiral Partnership has supported and helped deliver organisational culture, mindset and education change in Rwanda, Singapore, South Sudan South Korea and Lebanon amongst many other districts, jurisdictions and countries.  


The Spiral Partnership has worked with companies and organisations as diverse as The Royal Mint, Steelcase, Alcumus, BUPA, The  British Council and with education establishments, organisations, trusts and federations across the UK. 

With particular reference to our work in the education sector and in order to meet demand and the aspiration of our clients we now offer a range of in school curriculum support advisers, national experts and professional development materials.

Our aim is simple – to exceed our clients expectations.  Our mission to develop efficacy and responsibility for positive change in all our clients and their organisations. 

A recent client described the Spiral Partnership as… unconventional free thinkers, innovators and radical strategists. 

We look forward to working with you