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“Radical change for organisations”

Changing behaviour and thinking at The Royal Mint

With Peter’s help, The Royal Mint has changed the way its 1,000-strong workforce thinks and brought about improvements in efficiency, profitability and wellbeing. The Royal Mint is a massive global brand with a 1,200-year history and tradition. However, the newly-installed leadership team recognised that the world is changing and that it too needed to continue to change in order to get the best out of everyone. Radical change for organisations!






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radical change for organisations







Peter’s perspective 

When I was first brought in to work with The Royal Mint leadership team six years ago, several culture change innovations had already been implemented, with varying degrees of success, and there was some anxiety around asking people to change again. I worked closely alongside the HR and business development teams to develop leaders’ confidence, challenging ways of thinking and liberating them to think differently. I focused on helping them understand how and why we all think the way we do, giving them insight into how the brain works and how to influence others and change behaviours. We looked at helping people achieve their potential and rewarding good thinking through supportive, open-minded systems and constructive, engaging approaches to appraisal and listening leadership.

As the centre piece of my change strategy, I designed and ran a three-day workshop for all leaders, managers and supervisors, with the aim of creating a culture across the organisation of listening, hearing, looking and seeing. 


This helped to create real consistency in values, insight and knowledge across The Royal Mint, which HR reinforced through creating appraisal and other organisational process systems that reward and challenge people appropriately.

After 18 months, culture change resulted in 4,000 incremental improvements across the workforce of 1,000, including improvements in profitability, efficiencies and health and safety. From the foundry floor to HR and marketing, people were thinking and behaving differently.

Since then, I have returned to The Royal Mint regularly to reinforce, nurture and encourage. At the same time, I raise consciousness of the progress that has been made and the thinking and behaviours that make us successful, lead us to innovate effectively and focus on the vision for maximum gain. The impact of this culture and behaviour change programme has been remarkable in sustainably improving the performance of this proud world brand and securing its future.Radical change for organisations!

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